Month: June 2021

Sustainable learning in digital way

We are often talking about how to teach sustainability, circular economy or any subject related to the environment and efficiency. At the same time, we forget to think about our ways and methods of teaching. In the Train to Sustain-project we are also considering options on how to make our materials, content and resources as reusable and shareable as possible. The aim is to provide materials available in a digital format so that those are not needed to be printed or brought out from digital platform.

How digital tools and applications help us to improve sustainability? With digital tools and materials, we improve possibilities to offer training, which is not depending on any specific place or time. The students and teachers have access to files anywhere at anytime which means content could be updatable at any time with cloud services. No more printing new books yearly and no need to worry about consuming distribution methods. But… this is just one reason and the most obvious one.

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