Final project meeting, incl. visit to ABB in Vaasa, Finland

Then it was time for the final project meeting on 3-4th May 2023 at Vamia in Vaasa, Finland.
We were eight people gathering in Vaasa while our Portuguese partners participated online. We had two wonderful and sunny days in Vaasa. The purpose of the final meeting was to evaluate and tie together the project. In addition we had time to look at Vamias premises, the surroundings of Vaasa, paying a visit to ABB Vaasa premises – Smart Power Factory and offer our guests a bit of Finnish culture.

Visiting the longest bridge in Finland.
Replot Bridge

Still some ice lying at sea.

Visit to ABB, Vaasa Smart Power Factory and their representation premises Villa Vaski functioning with KNX automation system.

During the project meeting in Vaasa we had the privilege to visit ABB in Vaasa. We were warmly welcomed by:

  • Sanna-Mari Kaakinen – Sustainability Manager – Smart Power
  • Janne Leinonen, Quality Manager- Smart Power
  • Oskar Järnefelt, Area Sales Manager, Smart Buildings (ABB-free@home and KNX)
Oskar Järnefelt / ABB

In the picture abowe:
Train2Sustain team at ABB

On the left: Train2Sustain team with Janne Leinonen, Quality Manager from ABB, Vaasa

ABB is a technology leader in electrification and automation, enabling a more sustainable and resource-efficient future. The company’s solutions connect engineering know-how and software to optimize how things are manufactured, moved, powered and operated. ABB is found in over 80 countries in the world.
At ABB we received a very inspiring and enthusiastic presentation on ABB´s sustainability work and on their solutions to facilitate others to carry out a sustainable work. We also had the pleasure of visiting their production. For us not working in the technical sector this gave us a very good insight of todays and tomorrows automized production and the use of robots.

Presentation by Sanna-Mari Kaakinen, Sustainability manager

Ms Sanna-Mari Kaakinen, the Sustainability Manager from ABB Smart Power gave us an overview of the sustainability actions of ABB.

In her presentation she described the ways ABB is using to gain advantage in the competition in the years to come and how they enable low-carbon society not just by their own actions but also by empowering their customers to reduce carbon emissions and by reducing emissions throughout the whole supply chain.

She also emphasized the fact that sustainability for ABB is not just ecological or economic thing, but it also has a strong social side to it.

The key message of her presentation was that Sustainability is the license to operate and keep up with the competition.

The Train2Sustain project team visiting ABB, from left to right: Sami Peltoharju, Karl-Michael Envall, Mika Heino, Jasmin Fischer, Lene Bonnen Sandholdt, Misa Muotio, Arto Iso-Antila, Susanna Pakkala

Visit to ABB Villa Vaski – a highly energy efficient house with modern house automation functions

We also had the possibility to visit ABB Villa Vaski which is a Luxury Villa with conferencing room and saunas.

The original building was built in 1971 as the representative premises of the then Strömberg Oy. The location was a perfectly beautiful and peaceful cape in Vaskiluoto, Vaasa.

The end of February 2017, the facilities had to be closed due to serious mold problems and very high energy consumption. It was decided to renew the place and the old Vaskisauna was demolished in the summer of 2017.

Today Villa Vaski is very energy efficient and have many automation functions that saves energy.
KNX is an automation system and it is integrated to the buildings automation system.

Villa Vaski was of large interest to the participants as the building automation standard KNX was used. Several of the participating teachers are providing training in smart home facilities and applications.

And Yes, we did get to try the sauna!

Our mission is completed for the time being

All Fun Comes to an End and also the Train2Sustain project. Our mission is completed for now. We hope that you will find all the material, activities and 360º environments that we have produced beneficial whether you are a rookie or a master on this matter. We also like to thank everyone who has supported us with material, lectures and company visits for this project.

But we will be back!

In the mean while as Peter Drucker has said: “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”
So please increase the capacity among your colleagues, your students, and companies to sustain and create the future.

Article by:

Katarina Sandbacka
Vamia, Vaasa, Finland
Project leader of Train2Sustain

Mika Heino
Expert, International Affairs, Omnia, the Joint Authority of Education in Espoo Region

Pictures by Susanna Pakkala and Sami Peltoharju