Learning, Teaching and Training activity at ATEC – Portugal

From the 5th to 9th of September, the Train2Sustain partners met at ATEC in Palmela, Portugal, for the second face to face Learning, Teaching and Training Activity.

ATEC headquarters at Palmela – Portugal

The meeting started with a presentation of ATEC’s activities and the Portuguese Education and Training System, followed by a walk around the facilities, in which partners had the opportunity to follow the training developed by ATEC and talk with some of the trainees.

Lean and Sustainability in practice

One of the activities proposed by our project to practically implement sustainability is the Lean Exercise Pen game, which simulates a plant of ball pens and its production. Partners had the opportunity to play the game during the first day and understand how Lean can contribute to a more sustainable business approach.

Lean Exercise Pen game

During the afternoon the attention was to the learning units’ contents and SWAY. The group was divided in smaller groups and each one worked in two different units, analyzing in detail and providing feedback for the improvement of the intellectual output.

The Navigator Company

The morning of the second day was dedicated to a visit to The Navigator Company, which is an integrated forest producer, whose end products are pulp & paper, tissue, and energy. The Navigator Company is Portugal’s third largest exporter and also the largest national added value generator, accounting for approximately 1% of GDP, about 3% of all Portuguese exports of goods and near 6% Portuguese containerized cargo.

During the visit to Setubal’s plant it was possible to see how The Navigator Company deals with sustainability, mainly with Responsible Forestry Management, Forest Certification and Biodiversity Conservation, in more than 120.000 hectares of woodland the company owns in Portugal.

Visit to The Navigator Company

During the afternoon the group was again divided in smaller groups to work on the Intellectual Output 2, the learning activities. During the time dedicated to it the different groups analyzed the 12 proposed activities of the project and, in a similar way as in the day before, prepared structured feedback for the improvement of the different outputs.

The day ended in a very friendly environment with the official project dinner, where the typical bacalhau was the king!

360º digital environments

The last day was dedicated to the four 360º digital environments that are being prepared by the project:

  • Home environment
  • Hospitality & Retail
  • Building industry
  • Manufacturing / Technical fields

Partners learned by doing how to use H5P and the potential of the application for developing learning solutions embedded in 360º digital environments.

The end of the activity was dedicated to the last LTT event to be held in Graz, Austria, where all the intellectual outputs will be delivered to partner’s teachers that will act as multiplier in their own institutions.

The project team

The author:

João Alves
ATEC – Academia de Formação