Welcome to the Train2Sustain instructors site!

Here you find all the material needed to deliver this course on Sustainability, Circular economy and Lean for your students.

Teachers guide

The teachers guide is designed to help you as a teacher to use all the Train2Sustain material to provide modern and contemporary elements for sustainability thematics.

The guide can be downloaded as a pdf-file and it can be scrolled as a webbook.

Theory package

The theory package provides more extensive background material on Sustainability, Circular economy and Lean for the teacher to study before delivering the training material to the students. The theory package includes 7 chapters.

The material can be read on-line as sliders or downloaded as pdf-files

Electronic toolbox

In the Electronic toolbox you find 12 different activities to facilitate the learning in the theory package. Each activity is described to ease the use and the material can be downloaded as pdf-files.

Learning package for students

Here you find 6 chapters in the form of Sway presentations to be used with students. You can either use them as instruction material in the class or let the students navigate them by themselves.

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