Online LTT Event Austria

Graz clocktower

From 14 to 16 September, our first Online Learning Teaching Training Activity took place. The first day was used to give the participants an introduction to the city of Graz and the VET system in Austria. In addition, we gained insights into the topic of sustainability in teaching by having Ms Hübner, University of Klagenfurt, present sustainable initiatives as well as the project BuNE-Z, in which she is involved. Afterwards, the materials for the theory package that had been prepared up to the event were presented and evaluated by the participants. This first day came to a pleasant end with a quiz on Austrian culture.

VET system in Austria

The second day of our LTT event was enriched by two more presentations from external organisations. First, Ms Tschuchnik presented sustainable activities at the University of Graz and its sustainable campus, giving us a lot of input for our training materials. Secondly, the Erasmus+ project CLAY was presented by Mr Schmid and Ms Brösel. Since this project also deals with the circular economy, we were able to take a lot from this presentation for our project. Another focus of this day was on the 360° environments that we are creating for teachers and learners in the VET sector. The progress made so far was presented and further ideas for these environments were developed in workshops.

Workshop IO3

On the third day, an insight into already implemented projects regarding (virtual) cooperation between schools or learners from different countries was given by the project partners in order to support the planning of our activities for IO2. The afternoon was used for a workshop on the further development of IO2. The event was concluded with a discussion of the next steps in the project and an evaluation of the event.

Game – Would You rather…?

The LTT event was a great success and we were able to take away a lot for the next steps in our project. The participants got to know each other better through various games and we had a lot of fun during these three days. 😊

Article by:

Jasmin Fischer, bitSchulungscenter -Graz